Lake Bolsena

What to do in the surrounding area

The dying city

Civita di Bagnoregio (30 minutes away)

“Just a 30-minute drive away, Civita di Bagnoregio, known as ‘The Dying City,’ is a jewel set on a tuff hill. Reachable only by a footbridge, this ancient village will transport you back in time. A magical and unmissable experience.”


Villa Lante (25 minutes away)

Villa Lante in Bagnaia-a hamlet of Viterbo-with its eighteen acres of parkland and formal garden, represents one of the greatest examples of 16th-century green architecture. This record was enshrined in the 2011 awarding of Italy’s Most Beautiful Park.

The villa is characterized by the formal garden, with four terraces enhanced by fountains and the water features, and two mansions richly decorated with frescoes and stuccoes. The entire architectural design is attributed to Tommaso Ghinucci.

Since 2022, the park has been reopened with the original rustic garden that looked like a diverse succession of groves and productive sectors, traversed by an articulated system of avenues enlivened by fountains and plant arrangements.

The city of

Viterbo (20 minutes away)

The city of Viterbo, a jewel set in the heart of Italy, is distinguished by its exceptionally well-preserved medieval historic center, the largest in Europe, making it a must-see destination for any traveler. At its heart pulses the San Pellegrino district, a labyrinth of cobblestone streets and historic buildings that seem to tell stories from another time, offering a deep immersion in medieval atmospheres. Here, among the secret alleys and squares, you can admire the Palace of the Popes, a witness to the splendors of the past and the hub of city life, inviting timeless explorations.

In addition to its priceless historical-architectural heritage, Viterbo is famous for having been the set of numerous films and television productions, thanks to its natural settings that magically recreate period atmospheres, making the city an open-air stage sought after by filmmakers from all over the world.

The city comes alive in a special way on September 3 each year when the Macchina di Santa Rosa is transported, a spectacular event of deep devotion that sees a 30-meter-high illuminated tower, carried on the shoulders of hundreds of “Facchini di Santa Rosa,” traverse the streets of downtown in a breathtaking procession that combines faith, tradition and community strength. This unique event attracts visitors from all corners of the globe, solidifying Viterbo’s position as a cultural and spiritual meeting place of international significance.

Viterbo, with its San Pellegrino district and its centuries-old traditions, thus represents a living bridge between past and present, offering its visitors an unforgettable experience where history blends with the magic of cinema and vibrant community life.

Trip to Montefiascone and…

Wine Tasting (10 minutes away)

“Visiting Montefiascone means enjoying breathtaking views of Lake Bolsena and discovering the famous wine Est! Est!!! Est!!! A tasting in local wineries is ideal for food and wine enthusiasts.”

Visit to the Village of…


“Discover the picturesque village of Marta, with its cobblestone streets and colorful fishermen’s houses. A stroll along the lakefront offers spectacular views of the lake, and the opportunity to sample fresh fish in traditional local trattorias is not to be missed.”

Visiting the islands of the lake

Bisentina and Martana

“A must-do adventure on Lake Bolsena is definitely a visit to the Bisentina and Martana Islands. Bisentina Island, which can be reached by a short boat ride, is a true naturalistic and historical jewel. Admire its magnificent gardens, ancient churches and Etruscan ruins, immersed in an atmosphere of peace and tranquility. Martana Island, shrouded in legends and mysteries, was the place of exile of the last queen of the Ostrogoths, Amalasunta. Although access to Martana Island is limited, its view from the lake or from a boat is worth it, adding a touch of mystery to your exploration of Lake Bolsena.”

Visit the city of

Orvieto (45 miuti away)

“You cannot miss a visit to Orvieto, with its imposing Cathedral and St. Patrick’s Well. Explore medieval alleys and artisan stores, immersing yourself in a culture rich in history and tradition.”

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